Take This, 1990 Cassette only EP. Ruder Than You demo tape from the early days. Tracks: Take This, Future Girl, Lay Off, Early Light of Day, Rich Man's Robinhood, and (The Accident of) Nervous Wreck.

Big Step, 1992 Moon SKA Records. Ruder Than You's first full length release featuring Future Girl, Your Mind In Mine, Swallow Blood and I Want Justice.

Horny for Ska, 1996 Moon SKA Records. Ruder Than You's sophomore effort includes the horn-heavy Paranoid, Uncle Albert, Not Deaf Yet, Swatara and Daydream Drivin'.

Philly Stylee, 2005 Gods Ghetto Records (independent release). Long-long-awaited third CD featuring the late Trish Johnson on bari-sax and several other top-notch Philadelphia musicians. Conceived and recorded at the peak of the Third Wave; mixed and unveiled in 2005.

God's Ghetto EP, 2008 Lulu Nyeusi Records (independent release). The first truly-fresh release after the band's 2003 resurgence, this CD emphasizes their hip-hop and reggae dancehall influences.

Creation Sounds, 2009 God's Ghetto Records (independent release). Returning - just a bit - to classic ska, rocksteady and reggae dub sounds, RTY's fifth release also offers contemporary influences and Ruder Than You's signature diverse and energetic sound.


The Shack, 1993 Dojo Limited/BIB Records. Ruder Than You's cut "Get Some Peace" appears on this internationally distributed ska compilation album.

United Colors of SKA, 1993 Pork Pie Records. This German-released internationally distributed ska compilation album includes RTY's track "I Want Justice".

Ska The Third Wave, 1995 Continuum Records. This ska compilation enjoyed extensive national distribution and is still considered to be the best selling ska compilation album of the third wave. It contains RTY's song "Swallow Blood".

Ska The Third Wave Volume II, 1996 Shanachie Records. This follow-up to "Ska the Third Wave" contains the RTY track "Misskaculation".

Rude Vibes - The Ultimate Collection of New Skool Ska, 1996 Do The Dog Music. This English compilation contains the track "Uncle Albert".

SKAndalous - I've Gotcha Covered, 1996 Shanachie Records. This all covers ska compilation features Ruder Than You's version of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"

Oi-Skampilation Volume II, 1996 Radical Records. This live CD was recorded on Halloween 1995 at Coney Island High in NYC and contains a version of "I Want Justice".

SKA-Cover it Up, 1997 Beloved Records. This ska-covers CD contains live versions of "Misskaculation" and "Paranoid".

Deamons, 1997 Skully Enterprises. This CD contains a live version of "Future Girl".

SKAndalous - I've Gotcha Covered - Volume II, 1997 Shanachie Records. This ska covers compilation features Ruder Than You's version of The Beatles' "Tax Man".

SKA-The Instrumentals, 1997 Beloved Records. Contains the RTY song "Swatara".

Freedom Sounds: A Tribute to the Skatalites, 1997 Shanachie Records. Compilation features Ruder Than You's Version of "El Pussycat".

Dancin' Mood, 1997 Triple Crown Records. Contains a live version of "Uncle Albert".